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Plenty of insects tunnel into oak wood or nibble the twigs, and sometimes larger creatures munch on buds or strip bark. But the oak food resource that supports the most diverse “fan base” among North American fauna is the tree’s nut: the acorn. Plenty of insects tunnel into oak wood or nibble the tw

Bees are an essential part of the environment. They pollinate flowers and make the honey that many people enjoy. However, sometimes bees move onto property and become a dangerous nuisance. This is particularly true when people have allergies to bees or are afraid of them. Here’s what you need to kno

It only takes an acorn to grow a majestic oak tree. For an easier start, however, you can purchase an oak tree sapling at the garden center. Two of the most common oak trees are the red oak and the white oak. Care instructions for your oak tree vary depending on the variety. To determine which type

Charles Davis of Vine Street said he was walking in the 2500 block of Oak Street when a black male. The Chatsworth, Ga. woman was charged with theft over $500. Click here for the video from.

The license was revoked for Dr. Ihsaan Al-Amin, who lives in Smyrna, Ga., but operated a clinic in Brainerd. He faces costs up to $20,000. Al-Amin was earlier arrested by federal authorities for.

A 45-year old man was employed as a tree trimmer. One bright, sunny day he was working high up in big oak tree when his safety latch failed. The story may be about a tree-trimming Plaintiff; it may.

Here are some things you need to know about oak trees in North America, including their forms, identification markers, name groups, and regeneration. The oak tree has long been prized for legendary strength, longevity, and excellent wood properties. Oak trees adapt well in the natural forest, the su

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